Electrical Troubleshooting – Honolulu, Hawaii

Wires in junction boxA typical person has no knowledge or equipment to diagnose power issues. That is why we exist! PRO Electrician Honolulu are experts at tracing and solving electrical problems! In fact, troubleshooting is one of the most rewarding parts of being an electrician as we will diagnose the problem and plan the right solution. You tell us the signs that you notice with your electricity and we will dig deep to find the root of the problem. In general, these are the most common reasons people call us in Honolulu and Hawaii for troubleshooting and repairs:

1- One of my outlets is not working
If you noticed that one or more outlets stopped working the first thing you can check on your own is to have a look at the circuit breaker. Are there any breakers off? If not then it may be that the outlet has burned out. 

2- Sparks are coming out of an outlet
This should sound serious to anyone without any knowledge and could really be. If you spot sparkles coming out of a socket, go to your circuit breaker and shut off the power to that outlet until our electricians can have a look at it. Sometimes this can actually end up an easy-fix, it may just have been a sudden diversion of energy and the wires are in good condition. However, in most cases it can be a sign of a short-circuit and in that case, you may need to repair or replace the wires and outlet.  

3- My lights are flickering
This if often overlooked but chances are you have a poor electrical connection or an overloaded system. Depending on the damage, a simple or more complicated repair can be the solution. However, in some cases a whole electric panel upgrade in necessary. We will be able to make the assessment.

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4- My microwave keeps tripping the breaker
Have you noticed that sometimes you run the microwave and it shuts off the circuit? Maybe at that time you have a lot of appliances on simultaneously and that is why the electricity does not trip every single time you run the microwave. Anyhow, this is common to happen with the microwave because it is a high voltage equipment. This is a symptom of an overloading in the system and will damage it in the long run. If this is happening, we will probably have to upgrade the capacity of your panel.

5- I hear a crackling, buzzing sound coming from the outlets
A buzzing or humming sound coming from your outlet whether is on or off is most likely an indicator of a defective outlet. However, in some cases a light buzzing sound may be simply caused by screw terminals connecting too loosely to the wires. In these cases, fastening the circuit terminals will solve the problem. If the sound persists it is most likely due to a defective or worn out switch. If the current between the metal wire is not flowing properly and starts jumping between metal parts, it will cause a crackling sound. That in turn will heat up the switch and connected wire. If you are imaging you can already predict this can lead to a fire. You are right.

PRO Electrician Honolulu will analyze your circuit breaker, your outlets, and the entire circuit of your home. Our electric specialists will be familiar with the different types of circuits and how they are supposed to work and what else needs to be evaluated. Once we have identified the source of the problem, we will inform you of the options, costs, advantages, and disadvantages.
The system will be re-tested after the job is done to guarantee that it is functioning as expected.

Nothing is more satisfying to our technicians than diagnosing and fixing a problem, it is like solving a piece of a puzzle. This is where the knowledge which our staff gained through experience is priceless. Still need help? Give us a call, we can help!

Troubleshooting at a Commercial Level – Honolulu, Hawaii

Commercial level is a whole another level for troubleshooting. Circuit breakers are different, wiring is different, there can be independent circuits and subpanels. That being said, each commercial property is also different. We are experienced in analyzing, tracing, and correcting faults in  different power systems. If you notice any of electric issues above described in your business, you can trust PRO Electrician Honolulu to analyze and fix your electrical system.

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