Whole House Surge Protection – Honolulu, Hawaii

Equipment to analyze electrical circuitYou probably have a at least one power strip surge protector in your home. You probably have the computer plugged into it, correct? Please be aware that these multi-outlet extension cords claiming voltage spike supression are not always very protective. A true protection needs to come from the main electrical panel by hard-wiring and the system needs to be grounded. That is called whole house surge protection and we have experience in that in Honolulu and Hawaii.

What is an Electrical Surge?

An electrical surge is a sudden increase in power through your electrical system. This may happen when the power resumes after an outage or if the incoming power from the power company is not steady. Other reasons are faulty wiring (for which we will recommend rewiring first) or lightening. When a voltage spike occurs it can damage the connected appliances. This can be dramatic if the damage involves expensive equipment or devices with irreplaceable information.

How is Whole House Surge Protection Done?

First we need to test your electrical system for grounding. Although some homes and businesses may have the three-pronged electrical outlet, they may not be grounded. After we ensure grounding we will hard-wire the surge protector to the electrical box for maximum protection.

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When Does it Make Sense to do Surge Protection?

Whether you are thinking about your home or your work, the first thing will be to think about what appliances you have plugged in. At home we may be looking at the refrigerator, computers, phones, entertainment systems, stoves, washer/dryer, and a bunch of small appliances. At work we may be thinking more about those dozens or hundreds of computers with sensitive and irreplaceable information. After we give your our free quote for the surge suppressor of your home or business, you should consider the value of all the devices you have plugged on a daily basis. The value will be how much it costs to replace them, plus the costs of the information lost and the cost and time to hustle to get it back. This will help you determine if whole house/business surge protection is right for you.

Some houses and buildings are already being built with whole house surge suppression which is revealing to be a very attractive feature to buyers and renters.

TIPS: The best recommendation to maximize safety of your electronics is to unplug them after usage. We know that is extremely difficult to guarantee nowadays and that is why we specialize in whole house surge protection for residential and businesses in Honolulu and Oahu. Call us today to find out more!

Commercial Surge Protection – Honolulu, Hawaii

The principles are the same as above described. It a no brainer that an office with hundreds of computers compiling important info, or a factory with expensive equipment should be protected from power surges. Similarly to other electrical services, surge protection is also done slightly differently from commercial. More surge diverter devices will be added strategically along the electrical circuit, close to the devices for which you want maximum protection.

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