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Updating wiring to a new lightWe specialize in commercial and residential lighting installation and repair. PRO electrician Honolulu are specialists at light fixtures and dimmers install anywhere in your home to add convenience, savings, or that wow factor you have been searching for.

For residential purposes people in Hawaii usually look for three key areas: price, function, and style.

Ambient Lighting 

The most common type of lighting used in big rooms and offices. It provides a broad light to a room by creating a soft glow. The brightness created feels natural. You can add the style to it be deciding what fixture you want: recessed lights, wall lights, chandeliers, pendants.

Task lights

These lights will target a particular small area to increase focus, concentration, and productivity on a task. For example around a desk, installed behind a mirror, under a bathroom or a kitchen cabinet.

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Accent lighting

Accent lights are used to direct the eye to a point. Recessed and spot lights are popular to elevate wall art, pictures, and decorations.  These small details in the type of fixture you chose can also elevate the value of your property. Tip: recess lights are very popular currently in Hawaii.

Install a Light Dimmer in your Hawaii Home

Dimmers are a great way to set the right amount of brightness/darkness. For example, if you are reading on your couch you definitely want 100% light. Now let’s say you are watching a movie on your couch after dinner, doesn’t it seem too bright for watching a movie? But completely turning the lights off is now too dark and causes strain to your eyes. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a control? That is where dimmer switches are awesome! Parents also love it when they have small kids transitioning to their bedroom so they can have a very small night light by dimming it.

To install a Dimmer to your lights we will need to check grounding and box size.  We will need to re-connect some wires and will assess need for upgrading the wiring to meet Electrical Code requirements.

Can I Save Energy by Installing a Dimmer?

You sure can. You may be able to get an additional three or four years of use out of your bulbs plus you will be saving on your monthly bill. Call us for light and dimmers install or upgrade in Honolulu and Oahu.

Have you Thought of Changing to LED Lighting?

Most people are aware that LED lights are more durable and consume less energy, but they never considered a change. Let us educate you more about your options. Click here to know more about how to start saving with LED Lighting.

Commercial Lighting Installation – Honolulu, Hawaii 

You may want to maximize the variety of fixtures available according to the type of business you have. Office spaces, restaurants, supermarkets require ambient lightning to create a natural soft glow to the entire space. Museums and art galleries in turn will opt for lots of accent lights to elevate the art and piece displayed. We can help you strategize to maximize the purpose of the light, and minimize the cost.

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