LED Lighting – Honolulu, Hawaii

Light Emitting-Diode has been revolutionary. They are among the most efficient types of light bulbs available. Our certified electricians at Honolulu can change your home or commercial business in Oahu, Hawaii to LED while keeping you on a budget.

Why Change to LED Lighting?

  • LEDs long lasting and durable:  These have a lifespan of 50,000 hours (compare with 8,000 hours for CFL bulb and 1,200 hours for incandescent lights.  50,000 hours equals 5.7 years if the light is on 24 hours per day; 7.6 years for 18 hours per day; and 22.8 years for 6 hours per day. On average your lights may be on even less than 6 hours per day so you may only need to change the bulbs once or twice for the rest of your life. You probably already changed them a dozen times up until now, right? 
  • LEDs are cost and energy effective: These type uses a lot less watt power to create the same amount of light as incandescent bulbs. To create the same amount of light, Light Emitting-Diode bulbs use about 6-8 watts vs. incandescent bulbs use 60 watt. That means 40-60% savings in light usage. You can easily see how we also will save a significant amount in your monthly electricity bill.
  • LEDs are environment friendly: Conventional lighting, such as fluorescent, may contain toxic materials such as mercury. LED lights are free of toxic materials and are completely recyclable. These also reduces the carbon footprint, CO2 emissions, and nuclear waste. These are great news to our loved environment in Hawaii!
  • LEDs are more versatile: ​This system can operate on a lower-voltage supply with continued high quality. Moreover, temperature does not change its efficacy and strength.

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How do I change to LED Lighting in Honolulu and Hawaii?

First you should contact an electrician to guide you through the process. Our Honolulu licensed electricians have a lot of experience in converting conventional systems to LED at a residential and commercial level. First we will need to evaluate your electrical system which may require to replace the transformed with an LED driver. Also converting fluorescent fixtures to LED tubes may require extra steps because not all fluorescent fixtures are designed the same.

Commercial LED Installation – Honolulu, Hawaii

Businesses need light all day long . These system will ensure significant savings on you electricity bill and and durability of your lamps. You can trust our experts at PRO Electrician Honolulu for help guiding and converting your home and business into a LED cost effective and environmentally responsible business! 

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