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Brand new wiring in wall housing for older house in Honolulu, HawaiiRewiring of the whole house, business, or building is one of our specialties. Home rewiring in Honolulu and Oahu typically may be necessary a maximum of once or twice in its lifetime. Most homeowners or tenants overlook electric circuit needs and may not realize the danger until it is an emergency. Call our Oahu electric company for a FREE quote on electrical house wiring in Honolulu and wiring in Oahu.

When do I Need to Rewire My Whole House?

If your house/building was built before 1950 you need to rewire it all and the sooner the better. Back in that time cloth insulated wiring was used and that can easily cause short circuit fire or even electrical shock. If you have noticed that your lights flicker a lot or your circuit breaker trips often, updating the wiring is the solution. A potential dangerous sign calling for new wires is a burning smell coming from your outlets – this is an emergency. 

Another reason to consider residential rewiring is if you are planning to do major renovations. In Hawaii it is common for families to move in together with their parents/in-laws once they are older. We see a lot of families doing major home renovations at that time. Some people may also buy a older home for price reasons and do the required renovations which in some cases included rewiring. If you are into property value, knowing the capacity of your power system is important for when you want to sell the house. Remember, at that time there are multiple inspections and failing an electric inspection could mean losing the deal and having to do a massive discount. PRO Electrician Honolulu is an expert at house rewiring with minimum to no damage to the walls. Our specialists look at the electricity map and plan their approach the best they can. Most of the time they are able to rewire the whole house without even needing to paint after.

Updating electric wiring is done in two phases: first we will replace all the cables, wires, circuits, and box; second we will install face plates on sockets, light fixtures, and light switches.


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Tips for Home Wiring in Honolulu and Oahu

We would like to share some tips to think about when you are ready to redo your home wiring in Honolulu or Oahu. When reconnecting electrical cables, this is the right time to think about how many appliances you use and where do you use them. Also think ahead. This is likely the only time you need to rewire your home so think about future and how many more appliances you probably will have to have connected at one time. Sauna and hot tub are examples that may overload a system. Also think about convenience because this is the time the electrician can easily install new sockets and light switches in different locations, and even create new locations for ceiling lights. That means you can get rid of those ugly extension cords that are a tripping hazard for you and your family and for tripping the outlet too!

​Unfortunately, to this day 67,800 homes catch fire each year due to faulty wiring, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. Don’t let your home be in these statistics! Call us today if you have any questions about your electrical panel and wiring. 

Commercial Wiring – Honolulu, Hawaii

We do Commercial Wiring in Honolulu and Hawaii. Commercial energy demands are unique and so are their wires and panels. In addition to the points listed above, there are specific key points when talking about screening for possible circuit capacity improvement for commercial businesses:

  1.   Computers that don’t have a dedicated circuit yet
  2.   Electronic devices are not operating at full power
  3.   Renovations/additions made to the business
  4.   Addition of new devices; increase in power load
  5.   Notice of new panel required by insurance company
  6.   If you find yourself and your co-workers/employees using many extension cords at work
  7.   For some reason your business still uses a fuse block without a main breaker – very unsafe, should be upgraded ASAP.

Should any of the above occur, it may be time to give a call to our Honolulu Electricians for a commercial building rewiring. 

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