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PRO Electrician Honolulu is a licensed company serving the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Our experienced and licensed electrical technicians are located in the heart of Honolulu. They will be happy to assist your needs anywhere in the island. We have over 15 years of experience as residential and commercial electricians. Furthermore, we have extensive experience in wiring for houses and commercial buildings.

We specialize in both residential and commercial circuits. That is why we are able to provide fast and effective electrical services at a low cost in Oahu. Our hourly rate is very competitive.

Below is a list of our most popular electrical services:

  • Install new outlets and GFCIs
  • Install new light fixture
  • New wiring and rewiring for homes and businesses
  • Meter upgrade to 200 amp service
  • Wiring of new construction
  • Breaker box panel
  • Home additions
  • Complete home rewiring
  • Commercial wiring
  • Commercial light installation

Something else you may want to know is that as an electrician in Honolulu, we are used to requirements by inspections (i.e. Section 8). We have the experience of working closely with property managers and realtors and have never failed an inspection after completing our job.

Our Honolulu electricians are fully insured and licensed for residential and commercial jobs. They are able to obtain permits for the jobs at no additional cost to the client. When in doubt always ask! Furthermore, be aware that handyman do not have an electrical license and can only do minimal electric work.

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 ** We don’t cut corners on your safety! **

15+ years experience as an Electrician in Oahu

​Our crew is licensed and experienced for over 15 years. As such, no job is too small or too big for our Oahu electrician! From a simple outlet or light fixture installation to an electrical panel upgrade or sub panel installation. Or even rewiring the whole house or building! We have done it all with great success and that is why we are known as being the top electrical contractors in Honolulu and Oahu.

Our commitment to quality is the power behind each service we provide. Ask us about our Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy for electrical services in Oahu.

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Top Oahu Electricians in the Island

Our Oahu electricians serve the majority of the island. From Honolulu, Aiea, Pearl City, Kapolei, Mililani, Waipahu, Kaneohe, and Kailua to name a few. Give us a call to find out how we can help you (808) 460-6336. Remember that there are two major things you can’t procrastinate repairing in your home: Plumbing and Electricity.  Electric problems are by far the most dangerous to deal with and often time sensitive. We understand that most people won’t be able to diagnose their electricity problems and how safe/dangerous they are. Moreover, putting them at risk if it takes too long for the electrical specialist to get to their home. When hiring a professional, we know that you expect them to get to your residence quickly, diagnose the problem, explain it to you, and lay out the options with all the pros and cons. You can trust our Honolulu licensed electricians to be fast, reliable, and efficient. We will offer solutions for your problems with great emphasis on safety and quality/price. For plumbing problems check out our partners Reliable Plumber in Guildford.

PRO Electrician Honolulu is the expert for both Residential and Commercial Services in Honolulu, Hawaii

Electrician tools, HonoluluTroubleshooting: 

It is just like going to the doctor. You tell us the “symptoms” of your wall sockets, circuit box, or appliances. We get to your location and test the energy flow until we can diagnose and repair the problem. We will discuss it with you and present you the best solution considering all the options, risks, safety, and value/price. You can trust our professionals for a fair, friendly, and safe work. We will take care of your electrical as if it was ours.

Panel Upgrades:

Do your lights dim or your power trips when you turn on another appliance? Is your circuit box older than 30 years and/or uses fuses instead of breakers? Are you planning on adding a device with a high energy consumption? In these and other cases it will be important to check what type of panel you have and if your current circuit can handle the demand.

Electrical Subpanel:

You can add an electrical subpanel to your system to add more circuits, for convenience, space, or efficiency of the circuit. Subpanel installations are common in Aiea, Kaneohe, Pearl City, and Honolulu, and Hawaii Kai areas. The main reason seems to be to add a circuit to the garage where people like to keep electrical tools and appliances. Nonetheless, duplexes are another example where subpanels are popular.

Electrical Wiring and Complete Home Rewiring:

There are major signs that indicate a residence or business needs to be rewired. Luckily a circuit should not need more than once or twice rewiring in its lifetime. This is usually an opportunity to map a better and more efficient electrical system. A modernized system would include the upgrade of your electrical panel and the addition of those extra outlets where you need them so you can plug in more appliances at once without extensions and cords all over the place. And more importantly, without tripping the electric box.

Ceiling Fan Installation:

Our most popular Spring and Summer service in Hawaii. There are so many options but if you choose the right one for you it will save you money at the end of the month, and will easily last you over 10 years. Let us make sure you don’t get those cheap blades that become blunted with the humid Hawaii weather and dust, leading to wobbling, rattling, and overall less efficiency.

Outlets – GFCIs and Child Proof: 

From repair and install of regular to GFCI outlets. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are required in bathrooms, kitchen counter tops, garages, and around the outside of your house or building. It is a pretty cheap upgrade comparing to the cost of a life or a damage to the wall plug or circuit breaker. If you don’t have safety sockets installed, please click to learn more how important these are for your home and business.

Light Fixtures Installation, Dimmers: 

Want the wow factor of recessed and track lighting? Thinking of adding dimmers? Want to improve light quality and decrease cost of electricity to your building or business at the end of the month? Our technicians can pull wire for new fixtures anywhere in your home or business.

LED Light Installation:

LED Lighting is transforming the lighting industry while improving our environment. LED lights have proven energy efficiency, financial savings, environmental safety with a higher quality of illumination. We can change your entire house or commercial space to LED. Especially for large spaces, savings are beyond huge.

EV Charger station Installation:

Another revolutionary invention are the electric cars. Thankfully people are becoming more and more aware and responsible for costs and environment. We can help you step up or upgrade your home EV charging station for a more convenience and quicker charge time to your car.

Surge protection for entire home or business:

Have you heard about whole house surge protection? It was once more popular among businesses, but homeowners are now investing on that as we all depend more and more on technology on a daily basis. If the value of your appliances and information retained by them (i.e phone, computer) is higher than the cost of ensuring a hard-wired surge protection, you should consider this option. We have performed a multitude of surge protection services both residential and commercial and can guarantee you a reliable and quick servicing.

Commercial Transformers:

A Transformer is a device located in most buildings to help decrease the energy needed for power distribution to lower levels along the building. The savings are great with the modern transformers. We can inspect your transformer and will let you know if it is time to repair or replace it. If you don’t have a transformer and own a building or a space in a building, you may want to bring it up to the Board for interesting building management savings.

Electrical Submetering:

Meter conversions or submetering are important for multi-unit properties and buildings. If you own one of the above and continue to pay everybody’s bill or just split it based on square footage, know that you can add separate meters to each unit. That will save you a lot of money by having each tenant be responsible for his own personal consumption. Mother Nature in Hawaii will also thank you for preventing electricity waste.

Do You Have a Federal Pacific Panel?

These panels are defective and unsafe

If your home is between 25 and 65 years old, you may have a Federal Pacific panel (FPE). These breaker panels are defective and have high failure rates, which has caused many electrical fires. Our electricians have upgraded many FPE panels, however, many homes and buildings still have them in Oahu.

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  • 15+ Years Experience: Residential and Commercial jobs
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
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** We DO NOT cut corners on your safety! **

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What Our Clients Say

Jon Tanaka, Property Manager, Honolulu

” (…) Mahalo for being honest, having integrity and setting the bar for others to benchmark against. “

Jean & Charlie, Honolulu

“Mr Xir Huang, electricain/owner of Pro Electrician Company did a wonderful job of reinstalling the new wiring in our 3-unit rental house. He was most patient in explaining to all of our tenants the electrical process involved which then made all them feel comfortably safe from then on. I highly recommend the Pro Electric Company to all who may need such a professional work. I really got my money’s worth. “

Gloria Borland, Honolulu

“Xin is an electrician worth 10 Stars! He is very good and also very honest. He explains what is wrong electrically. Xin is kind and considerate and arrived wearing a mask, important during Covid.
He was punctual and very professional. He is honest in his pricing. Best electrician I have ever had.”

Kamehameha Realty, Aiea, Oahu

“Xin from Pro Electrician Honolulu has been my go-to electrician for over a year. We are a property management company and often times electrical issues can be emergency jobs or an issue that is very difficult to live with. Our previous vendors were often hard to schedule. Xin has been quick to get there and fix the problem (…) I highly recommend Xin and Pro Electrician Honolulu for all electrical issues I can imagine.

Our Prices

Our Prices

We do our best to keep our prices affordable to Hawaii residents. Unfortunately, the price of electrical supplies has gone up tremendously in the past couple of years. The increased cost of wiring  is due to a low supply and increasingly higher demand. 

We work directly with the client, tenant, property managers, and with businesses. Call us at (808) 460-6336 if you are looking for an electrician near Honolulu. We continuously seek more knowledge with our partners around the nation and overseas such as Electrician North Shore. Give us a call and we will give you a free quote and solve your electrical problem to the best of our ability.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Electrical Contractors in Oahu

PRO Electrician Honolulu is an honest and transparent team of electrical contractors in Oahu. We are proud of our work and stand behind our quality.  If you are not happy with our job we will come back to fix the problem to the best of our ability, at no cost to you. Call us today!